ECB ACO Pre-Season Update

May 3, 2024

A message from Chair Ben Hood,

Good afternoon all UKAF ACO members,

I recently attended the South-Central Pre-Season Chairpersons meeting and the following points were raised for onward distribution amongst all ACO members.


Concussion protocol – Head Strikes.
Following a head strike, whether that being a ball hitting someone’s head, two batters running and colliding heads, or a fielder running head first in to a boundary tree etc…

Then the direction is that ‘Dead Ball’ must be called immediately.  Any runs completed will stand, however, no further runs can be scored and neither batter can be given out, after the call of Dead Ball.

ECB Constitution
Given that the in-favour vote for the 2024 ECB ACO constitution was Cira 67% the ECB are looking at way to improve and understand why the vote was not closer to being unanimous.  Work is underway to understand the reason(s) for the abstentions and why members did not fully support the constitution.  You may receive a questionnaire shortly.

UKAF ACO Constitution

The ECB templated constitution has been delayed given the concerns highlighted at point 2.  I have stressed to the ECB ACO that we are waiting for their templated constitution, so that we can effectively amend and update our own.

Player Safety / Concussion
It was highlighted that Appointment officers were unable to identify if members had completed the mandated online Player Safety / Concussion e-Learning, prior to being appointed to fixtures.   Therefore, a timely reminder is that every member must have completed the e-learning, before being appointed.  To ensure this, every member of UKAF ACO, must have completed the Player Safety / Concussion e-Learning and shall not accept any appointment until, you have done so.  When you accept any future appoints you are expressing to the Appointments Officer, that you have completed the mandated training.

Scorers Pathway
Like the Umpires pathway a Scorers pathway has been written and about to be introduced (when ratified), it is a similar pathway to the Umpires structure, however, it is believed that there will be 7 levels for scorers (with there being a 3a and 3b level).  More to follow shortly on this.

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