UKAF ACO Match fees 2022

Apr 22, 2022

UKAF ACO Chairman Christian Nicholson has announced the provision of Match Fees for officials for 2022… below is Christian’s statement and a link to the file which outlines the fees.

You are all aware of the requirement that some Service cricket matches must be appointed former serving personnel and civilian officials. Wherever possible this is avoided (for financial reasons) but with numerous overseas tours and deployments this year I fear we may see a higher number than usual during 2022.

Please be assured it will be kept to as minimal as possible. Naturally this brings with the need for payment of Match expenses (and in some cases travel). While that’s far from ideal it does also mean your teams are served with some excellent officials.

To date (and to the best of my knowledge) there has not previously been any kind of laid down ‘policy’ document that lays it all out for the avoidance of confusion. I have created that document and it is attached for your review, comment and adoption.

There is nothing new in this document, less the detail at para 17 which will remunerate those civilian officials that travel to a cancelled match when not informed. This has been included due to a number of instances taking place; hopefully it will ensure your team managers ensure all those relevant persons involved in any match are informed of its cancellation.

This policy will be shared with all UKAF ACO’s members and adopted for the 2022 season and beyond. It will be annually reviewed by UKAF ACO and if necessary put in front of UKAFCA for ratification. I would be grateful if your treasurers and managers would also be made aware. It is hoped the twice annual submission of invoices and filtering at UKAF ACO treasurer level will also remove a great deal of work each week after matches for your committees.

Here is the link to the file – Click here

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